Medical Tourism

The Republican Children Clinic Hospital is the leading one in outpatient and inpatient specialized care for children in the Chuvash Republic.

There is a 24-hour hospital with 415 beds, a day hospital with 30 beds, a consultative clinic for 200 visits per day, an emergency station 100 visits per shift.

Some special centres for the prevention and treatment of cerebral palsy, epilepsy, cystic fibrosis and others function here. There is a audiological centre here.

Annually more than 14,5 children get treatment in the 24-hour hospital and in the day hospital. About 100 000 outpatient visits take place per year. 10 000 different operations and manipulations are held every year, 1500 of them are done with endoscopic technologies. 300 000 laboratory and 70 000 instrumental studies, 100 000 physiological procedures are carried out in the hospital.

The comprehensive rehabilitation treatment using 68 technologies is carried out in the republican medical rehabilitation center for children.

Telemedicine consultations both with specialists from federal hospitals and the hospitals of the Chuvash Republic are actively introduced. Annually about 1000 Telemedicine consultations take place.

Different master classes of leading specialists of federal hospitals and centres are included into the work of the hospital.

As for the staff, there are 115 doctors and 285 nurses giving medical care. Among them there are 4 Honored Doctors of the Russian Federation, 16 Honored Doctors of the

Chuvash Republic. 15 doctors have a degree in medicine and 7 ones are Doctors of Medical Sciences.